The fuiss

For the project I was inspired by the motorbikes and cars of the 1920s. Frame was made of steel tubes while the 24-inch rims were made by welding aluminum tubes to aluminum hubs created by turning. The front steering system is reminiscent of the Tesi bimota with the steering hub. The tank consists of two 80 mm pyrex tubes joined together by three polished aluminum flanges made by CNC. The saddle is a 1950s brooks in quoio The engine has a modified Lombardini crankcase, the head and cylinder are made of ground cast aluminum with an external intake and internal exhaust system called IOE. The displacement is 350 cc. The transmission is single-speed that can be engaged via a linkage and I used a clutch from a dry 250 motorcycle. The brake is rear and works through a tie rod and a rubber pad that acts on a chrome ring fixed on the rear wheel

Alessandro Rorato Ponte di Piave Italy
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